Project 6/ Texture


           In my design dose includes a focal point on the bottom left, the focal point emphasized  in my composition. My design uses the rule of thirds. My picture plane establishes a visual flow in the entire picture plane. One of the elements that was given to me was rhythm and implied lines and biomorphic shapes these where the elements that used on my composition to lead the eye around my design. It includes a full value range. One of my success of the design was making the composition but my biggest failure was the net on my design.the final design was mounted in a professional manner and all materials were utilized and well mounted on bristol board.

Luz Clarita Gonzalez Lopez


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Project 3 Variation of Lines


                     In my design it dose incorporates a focal point, It’s located in the top left side and emphasize to the rule of thirds. The  focal point are two “M”together . Some of the composition used where three different lines ; there are curvilinear lines , simple lines and angry lines. all of the lines are forming a unity that comes together. in the composition there are negative spaces created by each line . My success is having all the variation in the PITT pens, but my  unsuccessful was to plan what line is there to create a hole picture , it was hard figuring it out. The craftsmanship and the mounting on the Bristol Board was  well done.

LuzClarita Gonzalez

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