Project 5/Directional Dominance


             In my Design it incorporates a focal point in the top left corner, it mostly uses the rule of thirds. In the design it have a visual flow to it that all point up to the top left, there are diagonal lines that point towards it. I have establish a directional dominance in having staring and diagonal lines. The directional conflict of this composition is the black Dimond shape withe the lighter lines downwards. The composition have a full value range. One successful thing that I achieved was to create Directional dominance. On of my failures was little more effort and more details. The final design was executed in a professional manner and mounted in the Bristol Board properly

Luz Clarita Gonzalez Lopez


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Project 3 Variation of Lines


                     In my design it dose incorporates a focal point, It’s located in the top left side and emphasize to the rule of thirds. The  focal point are two “M”together . Some of the composition used where three different lines ; there are curvilinear lines , simple lines and angry lines. all of the lines are forming a unity that comes together. in the composition there are negative spaces created by each line . My success is having all the variation in the PITT pens, but my  unsuccessful was to plan what line is there to create a hole picture , it was hard figuring it out. The craftsmanship and the mounting on the Bristol Board was  well done.

LuzClarita Gonzalez

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