Project 1 Photography, repetition & the Grid



MY design incorporates has a minimum of 12 images in total. My design project have considered being centered and has taken all aspace in the entire picture plane, It does not incorporate space. Some of the connections with the subject matter was that it was used in many angles and the same 3 subject matter was put in a connecting way to understand where it’s leading to. Most of my difficulties were using the grid as an organization. One was because of the measurements of the photos and how will it be ending up in the grid. There were a little off in how the pictures were cut to a actually squared piece. All three subject matter are the same, it has a good flow that leads all photos to one direction. The composition of my design in used of the materials was executed in a great manner, I did made a great caring effort in mounting it into the Bristol Board.

Luz Clarita Gonzalez


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